Qualitative Inquiry in the online technological realm

You made it to the call for abstract page. Great! Let's get started! You have time up to the 11th of October to submit your abstract. After that, you will only be able to submit late poster submissions. Click

Before you do, please check carefully which submission category best suits your idea. You will be asked to classify your planned contribution under one of the following submission categories.

Interactive Poster Session
In these virtual poster sessions congress participants will walk from one poster to another in an online collaborative platform and can virtually comment on their content. Participants will be able to enter into a written dialogue with visitors via comment boxes and post-its, to which presenters can reply.

Multimedia Presentation
These sessions are comparable to standard oral sessions or symposiums. They are mainly meant to present (almost) finished research of a transdisciplinary or disciplinary nature. However, rather than delivering them on the spot, with little time for discussion, we will put them available as multimedia productions that can be watched on an interactive platform and to which delegates can respond, followed by a general plenary session. We will accept the following formats of presentation: pre-taped multimedia productions, audiofiles or podcasts, pre-taped power point presentations with a voice-over or any other creative format that can be delivered in advance to be incorporated in our interactive working space.

Dream Team Session
Dream Teams are meant to bring delegates together around a specific topic of interest in an open brainstorm session to advance their thinking on a particular subject, challenge or theme. Dream Team sessions are meant to be interactive, inviting delegates into an online thinking or working exercise. Preferably, dream team sessions should result in a writing collective to valorize the outcome of the session in a joined effort of presenters and participating congress delegates. They can be dissolved afterwards to create space for new dream teams at upcoming congress editions.

Game Changer
Game changers serve as inter-, multi- or transdisciplinary think thanks that will run over three days and will end up in a plenary where findings, strategies or lines of argumentation can be shared with congress delegates. Game changer topics are meant to address broader political or strategically important domains and emerging challenges that cut across the community of qualitative inquirists and demand our communities attention. The group will work together to create a viewpoint, policy brief, strategic paper or response to the topic that can be shared via the European Network of Qualitative Inquiry. Game changers are meant to be sustainable over time. If you do not wish to enter in a longer term commitment, dream team sessions would be the best choice for you.

Note: Posters and multimedia productions need to be delivered in their final format on December 22, 2021. All presenting authors must be registered to the congress by the 20th of December to secure their spot in the abstract and congress booklet. Contributions of non-registered delegates will not be considered for the program outline, nor appear in the abstract or congress book. More detailed information about the extensions or the type of files we technically support will follow in due time.

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