Organizing committee

Congress chair: Prof. Karin Hannes
Co-chair: Prof. Fred Truyen
Congress administrator: Ms. Marina Franckx

Steering committee European Network Qualitative Inquiry

Karin Hannes
Angelo Benozzo
Philia Isari
Marco Gemignani
Carol Taylor
Jonathan Wyatt

Abstract committee (selection process ongoing)

Did you attend multiple editions of ECQI in the past? Do you have some spare time left to help us review and compile an interesting program? We have a few spots available in the abstract committee for experienced senior scholars with a PhD degree in our abstract committee. Get in contact.

The bodies collective
The arts-based research global consortium
Bernadette Dierckx-deCasterlé
Rita Sorly
Dimitri Mortelmans
Peter Stevens
Gail Simon
Karen François
Qingchun Wang
Nikki Fairchild

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