Code of conduct

All members, participants, employees, volunteers, and other individuals involved in the European Network of Qualitative Inquiry enter a laboratory of thought and action open to the exchange of ideas, the freedom of thought and expression, and respectful scientific debate. Controversial opinions and disruptive activities are central to the progress of our thriving community. However, participants should refrain from presenting work that has no other purpose than to cause damage or belittle others (implicitly or explicitly).

Diversity statement

The European Network of Qualitative Inquiry subscribes to the political agenda of diversity, equality, and inclusion. These values are central to the ethos of both ENQI and our preferential partner ICQI.  The steering group members are working together to ensure a congress environment that promotes equality and inclusion on gender expression/identity, disability, sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, and religion differences, resulting into a welcoming experience to all. 

The steering group commits itself to providing an experience that is free from harassment, bullying or discrimination, inappropriate behavior that interferes with another's full participation or scientific misconduct. Complaints regarding any of these issues during the online event can be shared with one of the congress chairs:


ENQI's steering group requests its contributors to pay special attention to ethical or deontological concerns in relation to multimodal types of presentation material including images, voices or other forms of representation for which informed consent might need to be considered. Delegates are responsible for securing ethical clearance where necessary or felt appropriate. 

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