European Congress Qualitative Inquiry 2023

Save the date for the sixth edition of ECQI:
11-13 January, 2023, with pre-congress program on the 10th!

Congress Theme
Qualitative Inquiry in the Anthropocene: Affirmative and generative possibilities for (Post)Anthropocentric futures. 
University of Portsmouth, Hampshire, U.K.

For more information, check the local congress website: 

The term ‘Anthropocene’ has been coined to denote the impacts humans are having on multispecies habitats which are resulting in damage and ecological changes. This includes habitat destruction, species extinction, climate change and extractive mining, all of which are producing waste on vast scales with damage and marginalisation of many human bodies in the majority world. Historical and geopolitical commitments to globalisation and neoliberal economics have placed all forms of life under precarity producing unequal wealth and capital accumulation for those in the minority world shaping the social world in all sorts of complex ways. However, there are other ways to live in the Anthropocene. The theme of this congress is linked to the ways in which qualitative inquiry can offer affirmative and generative possibilities for (Post)Anthropocenic futures. We invite papers, workshops, game-changers and creative experimentation from researchers who can expand the potential for qualitative inquiry to open up theory-praxis opportunities to reimagine more capacious and sustainable futures. The theme of the congress is expansive and submissions could focus on (but are not limited to) themes such as: 

• Critical theoretical and/or empirical practices that generate affirmative future possibilities for inquiry;
• An attention to civic engagement that fosters community making;
• Qualitative inquiry that is applied to practice to make positive interventions in real life issues;
• Student focussed and/or student-led qualitative inquiry;
• Capacious and speculative visions of knowledge making practices that reimagine the impact and focus of qualitative inquiry;
• Intersectionality and how thinking with critical perspective in inquiry can promote more equitable outcomes.

These themes serve as a guide for submissions but are not exhaustive and the congress committee welcomes submissions that cover a breadth of topics. We aim to create an affirmative and generative space for all to share their research and hope that this will encourage new potentials for resistance and change. We welcome abstracts from researchers at all stages of their careers including Doctoral, Masters and Undergraduate students. This conference will be predominantly face to face but aims to have a hybrid strand running through it. Currently we are investigating the possibility of live streaming (and recording) the keynote sessions. There will also be possibilities for submitted posters to be digitised and made available during the conference and presenters will be invited to submit a full paper that will be made into a digitised volume of conference proceedings. In addition, we are planning a number of online warm up events in the latter half of 2022, further details to follow.

• Tuesday, January 10th, 2023 - Pre-congress workshops and drinks reception. There will be 4 workshops which will repeat in the morning and afternoon.
• Wednesday, 11th January 2023 – Friday 13th January 2023 – Main congress events programme finishing at 1p.m. on Friday.

Further information to follow. An online congress site has been built and is in constant development: .  It will provide more information on the events, types of submission, congress programme, registration details, key notes and workshops leads. We look forward to welcoming you to Portsmouth!

The Congress committee
Dr Nikki Fairchild (Associate Head Research and Innovation, School of Education and Sociology)
Dr Catherine Carroll-Meehan (Head of School, School of Education and Sociology)
Dr Emma Maynard (Senior Lecturer, School of Education and Sociology).

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