European Congress Qualitative Inquiry 2024

!Deadline for abstract submissions extended to the 30th of September!

Save the date for the sixth edition of ECQI:
10-12 January, 2024

Congress Theme

Participation, collaboration and co-creation: Qualitative Inquiry across and beyond divides!


Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Helsinki, Finland

All relevant information about the upcoming edition of ECQI can be found on the local congress website of the hosting institute here!

Participatory research, citizen science, co-creation, research creation, collaborative ways of knowing: the range of participatory approaches in qualitative inquiries has expanded in recent years, with such approaches being applied in an increasing number of disciplines as well as across paradigmatic boundaries. The ECQI 2024 engages with these developments with an aim to foster dialogues across and in-between disciplinary and paradigmatic divides. We invite engagement with questions such as: What does it mean to practice or enact participation in research? How are participation, voice and agency linked? What are the conditions of possibility for participation in different disciplines and among participants who are differently positioned in society? What unites and what separates differently labelled approaches with roots in different traditions of thought – and efforts to break free from them? Is participation always innocent? How can we work against the various hierarchising forces that shape academic research and the positions afforded for researchers and co-inquirers? It is timely to ask: Participation - but who is invited? By whom? For whom? With what kinds of consequences?  

We welcome submissions which engage directly with the congress theme, but also those that reach beyond it, and focus on timely topics within qualitative inquiries more broadly. We welcome submissions from researchers at all stages of their careers, including undergraduate students and doctoral researchers. This conference will be predominantly face to face. 

Relevant dates

  • Abstract submission opens: 20 May, 2023
  • Abstract submission closes: 15 September, 2023
  • Notification of acceptance by: 15 October, 2023
  • Programme building by: 10 December, 2023
  • Registration opens: 15 August, 2023
  • Early Bird registration closes: 10 November, 2023
  • Registration closes: 5 December, 2023
  • List of delegates by: 16 December, 2023

The team looks forward to welcoming you to Helsinki!

The Congress committee
Dr Satu Venalainen
Dr. Meri Kulmala

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