Network Qualitative Research Leuven

Network Qualitative Research Leuven took the lead in organizing the inaugural and second edition of the European Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, in collaboration with distinguished partners from Flemish Universities located in Antwerp (Prof. D. Mortelmans), Ghent (Prof. P. Stevens), Hasselt (Prof. L. Huybrechts) and Brussels (Prof. K. François). 


The network for qualitative research Leuven is an expertise network for and by researchers in Leuven. The network is designed to promote the expertise of the researchers and also to achieve a stronger position for qualitative research within KU Leuven and scientific practice in general. 

The network does not only facilitate the exchange of information, it also encourage researchers and institutions to open up their activities related to qualitative methods for colleagues from other research groups and institutions. Activities of members are disseminated via a mailing list.

The network is open to collaboration with existing networks for qualitative research, in Belgium and abroad.

We aim to:

  • Enhance the visibility of qualitative research at KU Leuven / Flanders region
  • Strenghten expertise in qualitative research within KU Leuven / Flanders region
  • Promote the quality of qualitive research within KU Leuven / Flanders region
  • Create opportunities for early career researchers to connect with experienced senior researchers / worldwide


  • Exchange of literature, expertise and experience during courses and meetings (with inclusion of the establishment of an expert database)
  • Organize networking events
  • Collaborate with faculties and doctoral schools to achieve quality in teaching and secure visibility of qualitative methods in student's curricula / research training
  • Facilitate contact with experts from the Flanders region, Belgium and the international scientific communities.

Current steering group members are:
Prof. Karin Hannes (social sciences / methodology), Prof. Bernadette Dierckx-deCasterlé (health care sciences), Prof. Ann Heylighen (engineering architecture), Prof. Anneleen Masschelein (arts / philosophy), Prof. Mathias Decuypere (education / methodology), Prof. Marc Craps (economics / international development).

We thank our previous chairs for their continuous support to the initiative:
Prof. J. Maesschalck, Prof. W. VandeWiele, Prof. A. Declercq, Prof. F. Truyen, Ms E. Mertens.

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