The European Network for Qualitative Inquiry


The European Network for Qualitative Inquiry (ENQI) has been created by and for qualitative, creative and mixed-methods researchers or sympathizing stakeholders to 

  • stimulate collaboration and exchange between qualitative researchers
  • create opportunities for networking,
  • enhance the visibility of qualitative research projects,
  • strengthen the level of expertise in qualitative research,
  • increase the quality of qualitative research projects,
  • provide a safe space for methodological experimentation and creative research
  • address the politics of academia and other scholarly areas of interest

The initiative was launched in the slipstream of the inaugural edition of the European Congress of Qualitative Inquiry (ECQI) in 2017, a sister event of the International Congress Qualitative Inquiry (ICQI). With this regional hub, we aim to lower the cost for participation of young scholars in the activities of a growing network of people involved in qualitative inquiry.  

Core activities of the network include:

  • supporting and nurturing game changer, dream team and other collective initiatives in Qualitative Inquiry
  • the coordination of the rotating European Congress of Qualitative Inquiry

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