Game changers

Game changers serve as inter-, multi- or transdisciplinary think thanks that will run over three days and will end up in a plenary where findings, strategies or lines of argumentation can be shared with the conference delegates.  Game changer topics are meant to address broader political or strategically important domains that cut across the community of qualitative researchers and inquirists and demand the communities attention. They are also meant to initiate discussions and the further development of qualitative responses to major challenges or newly emerging trends in society.  Leaders of think thanks are encouraged to propose a topic.  Delegates that subscribe to a game changer session are encouraged to attend at least two sessions as well as the plenary.  The group will work together to create a viewpoint, policy brief, strategic paper or response to the topic that can be shared via the European Network of Qualitative Inquiry.  Where necessary, the Network can serve as a collective platform through which these viewpoints are disseminated simultaneously in relevant journals or provide further support to carry on with the work beyond the congress. The time slot provided for a Game Changer is 90 minutes.

These reports reflects the viewpoint from the individual authors and not necessarily the viewpoint from ENQI.

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