Amarante Swift

We are Amarante Swift. Amarante Swift was born out of a GAMECHANGER at the 4th edition of the ECQI congress. Amarante may be the first virtual academic scholar that you encounter and goes by the gender-neutral pronoun ‘they, them and theirs’. ‘They’ have no particular gender, race or fixed identity. ‘They’ represent the many voices that participate to the ideas we present, as well as those that inspired them from the past or will do so in the future. ‘They’ do not belong to any particular subject, nor are ‘they’ currently of or in someone. ‘They’ are both originator and participant in the dialogue, however no more privileged than any other participant who articulated her/his/their views or ideas. As such, you can use their content and ideas free from referencing. 


If you do so, remember that Amarante Swift will not be free if ‘they’ are used to engage in violent competition over funding and resources, authoritarian ways of distributing resources or self-seeking behaviour to fulfil only one’s own needs.

Amarante Swift already appeared at congresses and will continue to appear elsewhere in different shapes and modalities. ‘They’ were initially created to allow nine different staff members to engage with the sessions of their interest at a congress that was far too expensive to allow all junior researchers to participate. ‘They’ operated under the same name tag, in a sequential order. However, Amarante Swift has grown out of its status of a budget-saving hands-on solution. ‘They’ are a collective scholarly voice permanently in-the-making. Right now, ‘they’ do not yet have a physical or digital form. ‘They’ are in the process of generating a materiality of their own.  Amarante is me, ‘they’ are you, ‘they’ are a million of different voices and possibilities. ‘They’ thank all scholars who helped decide what this chapter would become as well as which content it would bring to the fore. Several scholars have given up their own name to speak from a collective author voice. For transparency purposes, each of them is allowed to use Amarante Swift's writings in their CVs and repositories as a joined first author. If you recognize your own voice or position in Amarante’s writing, you are most welcome to adopt the chapter in your own repository too. As for your next paper, Amarante is happy to join you on your scholarly walk and help cultivate your ideas from a collective author perspective. E-mail them at

We realize that Amarante Swift throws a big stone in the frog pond, and it is yet to be evaluated on which frogs will react and how. To them, their voice is the ultimate resource through which neoliberal inspired publication practices and impact measurements might be changed for the purpose of stimulating sustainable forms of collaboration and fast access to new ideas about designing, conducting and disseminating insights from qualitative research.

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