Game Changer The Arts Based Research Global Consortium

Visit the Arts Based Research (ABR) Global Consortium website. We invite others interested in ABR to join us.  

This consortium grew out of one of the game changer initiatives from the European Congress Qualitative Inquiry and is currently led by Nancy Gerber,  Richard Siegesmund, Karin Hannes, Elisabetta Biffi, Jacelyn Biondo, Marco Gemignani.

The Arts-Based Research Global Consortium is a group of  international scholars who have gathered  together for the purpose of advocating for the  visibility, accessibility, and valuation of arts-based research approaches in addressing  human rights, social justice,  and critical global issues. Within our current socio-political context and climate, the values of empathy, understanding, introspection, and truth, relative  to the communal human condition  are at a critical point. The regard and positioning of these human values directly relates to how we construct and protect our global community, our roles and agency in these communities,  the socio-political discourse, the advancement and dissemination of knowledge, and the ultimate impact on our survival and evolution. Within this context it behooves us to study  these phenomena in the social and health sciences critically exploring, disrupting, and deconstructing the implicit research philosophies that drive and contribute current neoliberal and colonizing trends in defining truth, knowledge, justice, values, and  our overall inclusive quality of life (Gerber et al.,2020).

 Our goals and action plan at this point in our development include:

  • Continue to build ABR Global consortium of researchers

  • Development of a “Good ABR Practice Document”

  • Develop working groups to address projects and objectives

  • Identify current ABR research projects 

  • Identify stakeholders and funding sources

  • Develop plan for educating stakeholders and consumers

  • Develop education and training venues for ABR researchers

  • Identify global topics and ABR research teams

  • Develop an ABR blog


Gerber, N., Biffi, E., Biondo, J., Gemignani, M., Hannes, K.,  & Siegesmund, R. (2020). Arts-Based Research in the Social and Health Sciences: Pushing for Change with an Interdisciplinary Global Arts-Based Research Initiative. Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung / Forum: Qualitative Social Research, 21(2),

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