Townsquare13 is an academic workplace. The term academic workplace is an operationalization of the term academization: research-based knowledge is translated into practical, usable products, services, interventions, program and/or instruments through the structural collaboration between at least one professional organization (profit, non-profit or social enterprise) and a university department.

Townsquare13 is an academic workplace, a collective of creative entrepreneurs, local artistic talent, activist citizens and (pr)academics. It is;

*a place where people can meet to exchange products and ideas.

*a field for experimentation, without a direct commitment to results.

*a space where creative talent can grow at its own pace and innovative ideas can mature until they are ready to take off on their own. 

*a space in which an inquisitive attitude and a critical view of ourselves and our society is central to the development process.

Number 13 stands for transformation and the demolition of old structures, followed by a reconstruction phase inspired by our own imaginary capacity. It is associated with powerful change and innovation at a community level.  Interested to work with Townsquare13? Contact us: 

Our project portfolio:

  • B/old - intergenerational, creative street art event
  • Potlucks on a community level
  • Tarmak - Social Circus for youngsters in complex home situations
  • Bridging Figures - Engaging volunteers in schoolsettings to improve academic skills of children in complex home situations

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