Qualitative Research - Qualitative Inquiry

The European Network Qualitative Inquiry (ENQI) has been created by and for qualitatively oriented researchers and sympathizing stakeholders to stimulate collaboration and exchange between qualitative researchers, create opportunities for networking, enhance the visibility of qualitative research projects, strengthen the level of expertise in qualitative research, increase the quality of qualitative research projects. The initiative was launched in the slipstream of the inaugural edition of the European Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, by a group of scientific committee members. Core activities of the network include the coordination of the European Congress of Qualitative Inquiry and providing financial support for game changer initiatives.

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Qualitative Research - Qualitative Inquiry

Qualitative Research - Qualitative Inquiry

We actively push towards the development of methods and models for positive change in society. We test, evaluate, implement, and improve existing methods, techniques, models or data sets generated in fields such as urban development, the public art, design and technology sector, community-based research practice and the global sustainable development area. Where necessary, we re-appropriate methods developed in other disciplines (art & science) for use in the broad field of humanities, or develop our own innovative approach to respond to emerging social challenges, whilst remaining sensitive to quality control and empirical grounding.

Our perspective is multimodal in nature, combining numerical, textual, sensory and/or arts-based research data to study complex social phenomena. We develop theoretical frameworks as a basis for how such phenomena can be understood and organized.

Our group currently focusses on two specific research areas and provides methodological guidance on a consultancy basis. We specialize in the development of innovative qualitative inquiry and mixed research methods, with a particular focus on arts-based, place-based, multisensory and futuring research designs as well as qualitative evidence synthesis as a meta-review technique.

The team works from an inclusive, academic activism perspective and contributes to theoretical discussions on quality assessment of research, the role of qualitative and artistic research in an evidence-based discourse and the potential of creative research dissemination practices.

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The European Congress of Qualitative Inquiry (ECQI)

QI congresses are unique as they include research that engages with all aspects of the human experience. This year we will focus on technology, design and the arts in relation to qualitative inquiry in a broad perspective, but we welcome all researchers wanting to take part in a cross-disciplinary event in a creative environment. 

This first virtual edition presents a unique possibility to explore the ideas and challenges related to the inclusion of technology in human life, professional practice and academic research. The conference facilitates the exchange of experience of and research on the congress theme in workshops, paper presentations, panels, key note lectures, creative performances, game changers and social conviviality for practitioners, students and academics.

As always, the ECQI offers congenial space for individual contact, for networking, and for the establishment of new collaboration and partnership. The ECQI cooperates closely with the International Congress for Qualitative Inquiry (ICQI), although ECQI gravitates towards a European tradition, situation and outlook.

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Qualitative Research - Qualitative Inquiry

Qualitative Research - Steering Group

Karin Hannes - Research Group SoMeTHin'K (Social, Methodological and Theoretical Innovation / Kreative) - Faculty of Social Sciences KU Leuven - Belgium

Philia Issari - Associate Professor of Counselling Psychology - Director of the Centre for Qualitative Research in Psychology and Psychosocial Well-being - Greece

Jonathan Wyatt - Senior Lecturer & Director of Counselling - Psychotherapy and Applied Social Sciences - School of Health in Social Sciences - United Kingdom

Carol A. Taylor - Professor of Higher Education and Gender - University of Bath - United Kingdom

Marco Gemignani - Associate Professor of Psychology - Spain

Angelo Benozzo - Senior lecturer in Work and Organizational Psychology - Associate Editor of Qualitative Research in Organization and Management - Italy

Rita Sørly - Senior researcher at Norwegian Research Centre (NORCE) in Tromsø - Editor of "Tidsskrift for Psykisk Helsearbeid", a Nordic journal in mental health care - Leader at Network for Participatory Research in Mental Health and Substance Abuse in Northern Norway - Head of the Health Department in Center for Artic Sustainable Societies (CASS) at NORCE

The European Network for Qualitative Inquiry (ENQI)

Head Office
KU Leuven

Parkstraat 45
3000 Leuven

Do you have any further questions? Please contact us by mail and we will answer your question at our earliest convenience.

karin.hannes@kuleuven.be+32 16 32 62 20

Special thanks to our partners ABR Global Consortium, ICQI and KU Leuven.

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